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So, hopefully everything works. 4 new weapons for Stalker Complete 2009. I need to adjust vendor prices as they are a little weird, but you can buy them from the first trader guy. Would like to add better hud icons, but I'm not much of an artist. Next part of the pack will include a M16-A1.

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-First release.

M16A1 is in game, but for some reason adding it to vendor will crash the game. Trying to figure out why.

Not sure what else to add, trying to keep the weapons old-school. Maybe a new shotgun next?

If the mod doesn't work right, let me know whats going on. I don't have a lot of experience building install packs, so not sure if i forgot to include a file somewhere.

*To do;
-Finish M16A1 assault rifle
--Add other weapons.
---Get in touch with Artistpavel?

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