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For the first release we have a few new ships for the Hiigaran (these are experimental), and I have only enabled the basic HW1 and HW2 races, they feature greatly improved Ai, and some interesting options. I hope you like them and I will be waiting for some feedback.

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This mod is a rebalance for the HW1 Campaign Singleplayer and Multiplayer and fixes some
small mistakes that the vanilla game had.

The Singleplayer Campaign tries to use the same balance that the Classic version had,
still has some issues to fix and has not been completely tested yet but it should improve the
experience greatly.

On the Player vs CPU and Multiplayer it provides many options in the Homeworld Remasterd Gamemode like:

-Fixed Build Speed: Ability to select a fixed build speed for all races in the match
(it disables any build speed upgrade)

-Squadrons for HW1 Races: Allows the HW1 races to build fighters and corvettes on squadrons

-HW1 Ships Balance: Allows to select the balance for weapons and upgrades for HW1 ships
(with this you will be able to select if you want a HW1 style
balance or HW2, and allow upgrades. Right now only changes HW1 Races only)

-Starting Fleet: A slightly different way to select Starting fleet options
(replaces the vanilla, it is going to be expanded eventually)

Also the HW1 races has been completely replaced, the HW2 Style Balance for the HW1 races is based
on the Classic Hw1 balance entirely, just using a series of multipliers to achieve the weapons
range damage and armor results, matching nicely to the HW2 style.

A Ship Test Duel Gamemode is enabled to allow the player to compare ships between races.

As I've said the mod still has a few issues to fix and it will be expanded in the future.

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