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We have finally gotten around to producing a trailer for our satire RPG First Reality.

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The video shows many of the aspects of the game play.

A brief introduction to the game: First Reality follows the woeful tale of Norman, a middle aged war veteran who ends up on a buckfast fuelled adventure of self destruction. Initially he is facing up to an unwanted divorce and to put it simply things go a bit downhill from there. He finds himself somehow involved in trying to stop some young revolutionaries who are your typical RPG party. The story could possibly be classified as a mixture of black comedy and Irish misery porn.

The game also has a number of very good insults all of which are directed at Norman. Some examples:

  • You're a coward, just like your old man was.
  • Why are you such an absolute prick all the time.
  • Daddy said I'm allowed to throw stones at you.
  • Ever been hit in the face with a turnip? - Then hits Norman in the face with a turnip.

Check it out. Hopefully you won't become as depressed as Norman along the way.

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