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Welcome to the ''Heirs to Byzantium:The Purple Phoenix Rises!'' mod!(which its name may yes or may not be influenced by EU4 DlC of the similar name) Please do take some time to read the following article as it contains historical content regarding the mod as well as some of its many features!(and of course credits).

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This mod takes place in a what-if scenario where Greek managed to defend Smyrna during the Greco-Turkish(1919-1922),thereby ensuring their grip on Anatolia.With war brewing in Europe,you are called to take command of the reborn Kingdom of Hellas and lead it to its glorious future!

Purple Phoenix v1.3

Purple Phoenix v.1.2

Communist HellasDemocratic Hellas



In our historical timeline,Greece,following the Treaty of Sèvres,was given control of Smyrna(along with Eastern Thrace with the exception of the city of Constantinople(,which became a de-militarized zone under international control. During the Greek elections of October 1920,which followed King Alexander's death, the pro-democratic regime of the influential Eleutherios Venizelos fell,and replaced by the royalist government of Dimitrios Gounaris.The royalists quickly recalled the exiled King Constantine I (who believed in a Central Powers victory during WWI) giving him absolute control of both the army and the nation.

Thanks to the King's mistaken actions,wrong military decisions and underestimation by the inexperienced royalists high officers and the Great Powers (British Empire,French Republic,United States of America) shifting their support,along with Italy and Soviet Russia to the Kemalists(each country for its own reason),the Hellenic Army was defeated in Smyrna on 18 September 1922 and forced out of Anatolia.The subsequent treaty of Lausanne resulted in a population exchange between the two countries,marking the end of the Megali Idea,the the Greek vision of reclaiming all historical Hellenic Territories.


In the mod's historical timeline,the regime of Eleutherios Venizelos never falls and diplomatic relations are maintained between the Greats Powers.The Hellenic army does not march any further than what the Treaty of Sèvres defines but instead,fortifies the territory they have been given to occupy.Once the Turkish Grand Offensive begins,backed by only the Soviets and the Italians--(it should be noted that,like in real life history,the Soviets saw the Kemalists as fellow revolutionaries against imperialist,while the Italians anatagonized the Greeks in their territorial claims)--,the prepared and Allied supported Hellenic Army,manages to repel the attack granting them a decisive victory.

In a push to finally finish the war once and for all,Britain and France,believing that a strengthened Greek Country would meet their interests in Anatolia and the Mediterranean the best,persuade the two countries to an armistice.In the Treaty of Lausanne that follows,Greece is given full territorial control of Smyrna and the Bosporus strait,effectively regaining Constantinople.Population exchange still takes place in this timeline so as to prevent any other territorial claim but this does not stop Nationalism from growing in both Countries.

Eleutherios Venizelos,taking advantage of his diplomatic victory,declares Greece as a True Republic and exiles the remnants of Royal Family.However,as a manifestation of the Megali Idea has become a reality and with Constantinople back into Hellenic hands,imperialism and a wish for a restoration of the old Empire is harbored into the hearts of the citizens and the officers of Army,who fought during the war. This eventually leads to the coup of 4th of August,led by royalist General Ioannis Metaxas,which succeeds. Recalling George II,son of Constantine II as the king of the Hellenes,Metaxas proclaims the reborn Kingdom of Hellas,and transfers the capital of Kingdom from Greece to Constantinople,while focusing on a greater goal,that of his vision, a Third Hellenic Civilization.

On the other hand,the Turkish people,after suffering the humiliation of the Treaty of Laussane,have rallied under Mustafa Kemal's leadership and vowed to right the injustice caused to them.

Tensions are high between the two nations as they move closer and closer to the brink of war. Who will prevail? Well only history can tell,sooner or latter...

Border WarGreek Infantry


An extremely detailed national focus tree with over +100 foci,containing both the original Heirs to Byzantium focus tree rebalanced,reworked and updated to 1.4.1,and new foci that expand your options even further!

New Greek events that accompany the reworked National Focus.

New National Ideas.

A reworked Border War events chain that yield much more appealing rewards should you win.

Refined national political courses:


Bring back the Democracy to the country where was born and help spread it to the Balkans and,perhaps,even further!

Join the Allies in their struggle against the fascist and the communist menace!


Stabilize Metaxa's regime and complete his idea of a Third Hellenic Civilization--

--or proclaim the restoration of the Byzantine State under the guidance of King George II.


Create the new Hellenic Empire and complete the Megali Idea as the nationalist leader Georgios Kosmidis(Finally I have found a picture of him!),or as the King(done under request).

Or make the Balkans an empire of their own.

Alliance possibilities:

Join the Axis in their conquest for world domination,

create a military pact with fellow fascist Italy,

ignite a nationalist revolution in the Soviet Union

or even better stand alone!

Establish the Imperium of Man 40.000 years earlier and have battle nuns at your disposal


Bring the revolution to the motherland and export it to your neighbors(or even further)

Join your comrades at the Soviet Union or liberate them if you wish.

You can also have Trotsky if you want.


Works with any other mod as long as it does not modify any Greece and Turkey related files.

However,it is compatible with the Major Overhaul mods Road to 1956 and WW2 simulation.

(It should be noted however that mods like Kaiserreich,The Great War and Millennium Dawn ARE NOT compatible as they not only heavily modify every Greece and Turkey related files but also the game itself).


New custom Hellenic voice overs. Perhaps once I get a microphone,or there are volunteers.For now the ones that I have added should suffice.

Expand the Non-Alligned tree.Something that even the original Heirs to Byzantium suffered from.But don't worry,I have something really special for Metaxa's regime in mind.

Rework Turkey.For that however I will need some recommendations and ideas on how to proceed.For now the discontinued Turkey+ mod(for which I have taken permission to untilise-and modified in order to be compatible)should fit the bill.

Perhaps release a stand alone Heirs to Byzantium,along with all the bugfixes and improvements I have made without the alternative history.But only if there is enough support for that idea.


First of all,many many thanks to SirRobin and his Byzantium mod for not only being an inspiration for me but also assisting me in bringing this mod to life.Be sure to check out his work too!

The Original Heirs to Byzantium

To keket87 Zkuhh for his amazing Greek Infantry models!

And of course to anybody else who contribute in their own way for the completion of the mod!

Take care, have fun and know that any suggestions are welcome and crucial for the mod's development!

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