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This post just explains the project I am looking to do over the next few years.

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Hi There!

Basically, this first post is introducing the group of Kommissar Games as well as talking about some of the basics about my first project and the setting I will be creating in.

Firstly, Kommissar Games is the brand/company/group I will be making all of my creations under. It is not a real established organisation; it is just something better than Bob Watkins Games. The logo I made in the wonderful program of Macromedia Fireworks and though it has not been Trademarked, I will not look kindly on thieves! If you want to use it, e-mail me for permission!

OK, enough jibber-jabbing. My first creation is in the Pre-Pre-Pre development stage, basically meaning that it is all in my head. This disallows me from talking in great depth about it. Anyway, below is a short introduction of what I am planning.

The year is 1987; Corporal "Jackal" (Your Character) is a member of a special unit within the Spetsnaz sent to an American research facility in Antarctica to retrieve possibly dangerous Intel concerning US operations in the area. You arrive, the facility is empty, everyone is dead and the only clue is a blood stained Iron Cross.

Iron Ice is a First Person Shooter modification for an undisclosed game (I haven't decided yet) based in the harsh conditions of the southern pole, where not just the cold will kill you, and a 60 year old secret will be revealed that threatens the safety of the world.

This is all I got for the moment, but I ensure you that the story will be thrilling, exciting and interesting all in one. I will release more information as I make it.

Final note:

I am about to head into the world game creation with a 3 year course of Games Development at the University of Central Lancashire and I thought in-between my studies, adapting what I learn into a practical project, which with some luck will be a finished product when I finish University.

Ok that is it for now, come back soon for more info!

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