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In this Article i will inform you about some changes, and updates.

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Its been a while since i have said something. Of course I'm Still Alive and working on this mod. The last month wasn't really that hardworking tho. I had to write some final exams and tried to concentrate on them. Also i concentrated more on my Servers than this Mod.

But now i'm excited and want to work even harder than before. Up to this date we are on Testchamber 03_01 as i explained for every path comes another Testchamber so there is 03_01 and a 03_02 but yeah. So i finally made custom sounds work. Tbh i was just too stupid getting the right bit rate and everything. But now it works so i can finally start working with that. Well this Article was also made because i have the first real Preview of the Mod here for you!

Check it out!: Click Here

This is the first look at the Chamber 03_01 looking kinda bald because the details are added in the end. Of course i will not spoil any story related things because i want you to live the story through i have thought of. I hope it hyped you at least a bit ^^. Of course "Coming soon" is very funny because as you know if you read my last article "Chapter 1 will have the first 6 Chambers in it" and to be honest... Now that i think of it.. This Idea is stupid as hell. Because in Chamber 6 the next decision will come so it would be quite dumb to end it there. So the First chapter has 7 Testchambers... I'm not making this easier... Welp but if i release Chapter 1 i at least want it to be good!

So that's all we have for Today. So see you in a few Weeks with hopefully a new Update!
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Good to hear!

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