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Basic Introduction to Tedd Deireádh The basic outline of the project, news and creative plans for the modification.

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Welcome to the Tedd Deireádh, the final age.

A time of ending, but also a time of beginning.

We want to bring our own vision of the Witcher universe to you.

Our ultimate goal is a fully realised campaign, with a map made suitable for Medieval II.

Starting with a campaign set during the events of Witcher III - and in the same location, we are toiling away at Velen and it’s inhabitants.

Featuring: Redania, Nilfgaard and Novigrad, it will be up to you who dominates this swampy gate to the north.

Will the Silver Eagle rip its foes apart with bloody talons?

Will the Great Sun burn all that oppose it?

Or shall the Eternal Fire consume all that stand against it?

Yours is the choice.

But remember, when choosing between evils, it might be best not to choose at all...

- Tedd Deireádh Modding Team

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Redania 1

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