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Very early development. I talk about my work flow.

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Reflected Fate - Early Development

Reflected Fate is a role-playing game with an extra emphasis on role-playing in development. It will bring you a full world to role-play with many other players. In the meantime, I am working hard on bringing a lot to the plate. As you can see, I've done a lot with scenery and graphics, but not really any game-play features other than walking and running.

History -

Reflected Fate was originally going to be a 2D RPG on BYOND. The difference between mine than others is that the art style were going to be RPG Maker sprites. Then I realized - I could make a 2D game where the world is so flat, and where the gamers would just get bored from the lack of life in the RP. The idea came after playing Mabinogi. It's been about a year now since I converted the game to 3D. I have to say, it's becoming something! It first were a detailed modeled game with no 3D lighting on Game Maker (making the world seem too 2D and lifeless and eh, but acceptable). Then it became a rather N64 graphical game. But I stopped using Game Maker and went to Blender that's how the magic is happening.

Work Flow -

  • Customization: I am working on customization for character. It will make character development special, and you will be able to create a unique look. Though, I do refuse on changing the face. It is anime though, so I don't wanna hear it. I can change the eyes and mouth easily, but modeling more faces will slow me down and it will only make the game longer to download. 2% done (just worked on some modeling and texturing).
  • MMO: After I am done with a basic customization engine, I will work on getting the game connected to other people's computers to where people can host their own servers and plays can play on them.
  • Beginning Tutorial: Included basic battle system, players will be able to get through a few guidance to get their adventure started. Keep in mind after tutorials, you have to role-play as if you were a the character in the game that you control. Keep in mind, there will be ways to rid unwanted players. So behave and follow the host's rules.

FAQ (Future Asked Questions) -

Will the game have both male and female models? - Yes.

Will I be able to women's clothing while being a male character? - No. You may role-play a women, but claim to be a man in the role-play.

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