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Welcome to the development of Charter Colony- a sandbox colony survival simulator with close ties to games like Banished, Dwarf Fortress and The Guild.

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Hello all and welcome to Charter Colony. My goal with this game is to create a really fun sandbox village manager which pays homage to alot of great games. Here's a description of things that are currently implemented, some work in progress features and also some long term goals.

Currently Implemented:
NPCs have randomly generated names and traits. Some npcs are harder working than others. They also have built in sexual preferences which will hopefully come into play later. They also have moods and track their temperature (Cold, Hot etc). They can get also get sick. Hunger, Thirst and Fatigue are actively tracked and doing tasks in addition to the passage of time will effect these values.

Recipes system is fully built out. Both buildings and craftable items can reference their recipe to make sure the player / workshop has the appropriate items to craft it. I've tried to make this system fairly flexible so it can be used in alot of different ways.

Working day night cycle! Nights are cold, days are warm.

Building placement is in and functional. You can place buildings on terrain and also rotate them before placing. A green/red transparent version of the building provides you a guide for placement.

NPCs can currently do a number of gathering tasks, such as collecting water, mining stone, chopping wood and gathering herbs. They will drop off these goods at any available stockpile. If they are hungry or thirsty they will take items from the stockpile and eat/drink them to reduce their hunger or thirst values. If they are idle they will either wander around or hang around an available campfire for warmth.

Work in progress:
Right now I am currently building the workshop system and UI for it. Essentially you will assign an NPC a profession (like Brewer) and they will spend the day there crafting items in the workshop queue. Progress on this is going well and I hope to have an update soon.

More AI logic - As the workshops come online I'm planning to add a whole lot of new logic for those NPCs that have assigned professions.

Future Plans:
Many more things will come, especially with your feedback! Here are some of the highlights though I am hoping for.

Dynasty - When you create your character you can choose a name and a crest that will represent your family. You can marry and have children if you so wish and they can become members of your dynasty. You can marry one of your npcs or send a letter to home requesting an arranged marriage, and your spouse will arrive after a period of time at the colony.

Migrants and ships - after a period of time sometimes a ship will arrive with goods for trade and also migrant colonists who wish to join your colony. You may also get a request or two from the king when the ships arrive.

Worker families- Eventually I would like the NPCs to have enough of a social capability that they can have interactions with other npcs and if you build them a home they will live in it together and possibly have children.

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