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Progress and general rambling. New map, new video and thoughts on deployment.

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I'm kinda new to indiedb so forgive me if I make any noob mistakes.

Tonight I added a new map, I'm starting to get really used to working in blender, its cool. I also tried to work on the camera a bit but its still pretty shocking. At least I added rotation and I think it adds to the game. I've posted a new video in the videos section.

I am not sure yet how to deploy this game, I was originally thinking of selling it for a sponsorship as a free flash game because I have done that in the past, but while unity's flash export is pretty decent, its still not complete, and it is throwing too many fatal errors as a swf for me to be happy. Maybe I'll put it on Desura for $2 or something and if it sells enough to buy a android license then I'll put it on the android market.

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