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Just ensuring that anyone who applies, will be reviewed based on what you say. I won't let just anyone in if they are going to be disrespectful to others.

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Hello minions!

First post YES. Alright, so the objective of this group is to keep track of viewers and start working on suggestions. Gaming is what this group is about and also being good to fellow members. If you are not kind or respectful to others, I will give you a BOOT TO THE HEAD ....pun intended. So please be respectful of and to others. I hope that people find this group okay at least [since it is my first group on this site/thingy..]. I expect to see applications within the next few months while I'm also on a self discovery and gaining a job. If anyone has questions, they are free to message me about this. I'm hoping for gaming suggestions, please keep an eye out on my blogs and please enjoy :D

Jenni out~

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