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First playtest of the paper prototype. I was able to play a full game of Mecha Kaiju Wars against myself.

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I conducted the first playtest of Mecha Kaiju Wars last weekend. This was a fully functional prototype.


  1. 150+ Cards
    1. Card template with 18 parameters
    2. Sleeved in Pro Sleeves
  2. Felt tip marker (write on card sleeves)
  3. Grid board
  4. Terrain tokens
    1. Water
    2. Forest
    3. Mountain
    4. Road
    5. Rubble
  5. Tokens
    1. Unit tokens
      1. Paper clip to signify Player 1/ Player 2
      2. Types
        1. Monster
        2. Robot
        3. Spell/Enchantment
    2. Mana
    3. Mine
    4. Wall
    5. Infantry
    6. Medium Tank
    7. Building numbers
  6. Computer
    1. Python script to perform battle damage calculations
    2. .ini configuration file
  7. Coin

imgur galleries can be found here:
Session 2
Session 3
Here's a sample:

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