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The Dark Thunder team continues to make steady progress as FPS works its way towards Open Beta!

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Version Number: Gus

-Fixed players being able to shoot and move while the Game Menu was open.
-Fixed overlapping kill log entries
-Fixed multiple players listed for the same player with the wrong color when joining a game set to team deathmatch.
-Fixed team kill logs appearing during non-team based gameplay.
-Fixed character gravity effects
-Fixed instantaneous shooting when joining a game in progress. Player now can not shoot for first 0.2 seconds in a match.
-Fixed dying in a weapon pickup zone allowing you to grab weapon at any position after respawn.
-Fixed switch team button appearing in the lobby regardless of the gamemode
-Fixed late match joining causing match settings issues for player joining late.
-Fixed Player kills/suicides occurring at the exact same moment and no decision being rendered on which happened first. (Host now tracks order of death)
-Fixed Auto scrolling UI elements when certain peripherals are connected.

Improvements and Features:
-Added new updated city park level for both team and free-for-all play.
-Set mouse to be confined to the game window during play to keep players from clicking off screen during combat.
-Changed teammate nametags to be green
-Dead bodies despawn faster
-Added a team-based spawn system that allows for a team to have designated spawn zones where only they can respawn into.
-Created center bomb mode test arena
-Created Carriable Nuclear bomb for Center Bomb Mode
-Added Nuke explosion effect(first attempt likely to change in the future)
-Created system for scoring points not related to kill count
-Added system for resetting the position of picked up items based on a certain set of criteria
-Added massive explosion sound effect for the nuke detonation
-Switched aiming to be towards the mouse instead of away from the mouse cursor
-Added secret system to change it back to reversed mode. In lobby host must press Ctrl+Shift+D
-Added automatic weapon pickup
-Added item and weapon pickup sound effects
-Added Bullet line for any bullet fired by an enemy that impacts player. A death line!
-Added game camera repositioning on player death by enemy. Camera now positions to a point between the victim and the killer to give more clarity on where the shot came from.
-Added multiple shotgun pickups to all existing levels.
-Added Footstep sound effects system
-Surfaces can now produce different footstep sounds


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