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We’ve been live in Early Access for a little less than a week now and have been intently reading your feedback and logging bugs based on your findings. What became abundantly clear in the first few hours after release was that 16x10 Resolution support along with Windowed Mode simply couldn’t wait.

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Our team scrambled over the weekend and thanks to some clever adjustments by Marc & Alden we were able to work around previous issues and implement some of your most wanted items. These are by no means perfect just yet, but they should alleviate a number of problems players were encountering, and we will continue to iterate and improve the experience from here.

Our first big tuning pass since release was also completed and this focused on increasing the amount of time you could spend in the sectors, especially Alpha, before being attacked by the Skorn, and increasing the time between enemy encounters. Those of you who found the game too difficult should certainly give it another shot after downloading the patch!

v0.01 Changelist Notes:

  • Added 16:10 Resolutions (accessed via Options)
  • Added Windowed mode (accessed via Options)
  • Added “Take All” button for found Resources
  • Addressed Level Load issues that caused crashes
  • Optimized Main Menu to load faster
  • Tuned the Threat Levels of world with focus on Alpha Sector
  • Tuned Combat Buffer times for longer Cool Down periods
  • Adjusted tuning for Press+Hold while taking initial Resources
  • New Planet Events for increased variety
    • Added Benefit – Found Civilians
    • Added Benefit – Healed Crew
  • Fixed crew tasks not displaying while game is paused
  • Tuned and fixed bugs with Ship Event intervals
  • Added checks for Trade Ships interacting during combat
  • Adjusted auto interact on planets to be much closer to surface
  • Fixed an overlapping UI issue during Planet/Object Interact
  • Fixed issue where Patrols were elevating Threat Levels past Maximum (Red)
  • Fixed Battle Stations lockout bug
  • Fixed several Music transition issues
  • Added new Death Music stinger
  • Fixed several issues with Module Replacements / Enhancements
  • Fixed issue where mining Moons for a second time yielded no resources

Our biggest priority is to remove barriers to entry for you all while addressing ongoing issues and adding new content. For an updated look at where we’re headed be sure to keep an eye on this thread:

Thanks for your continued support,

- The Fugitive Team

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