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WWII Reality progress update + bug patch coming soon!

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Here's an update for everyone on the progress of WWII Reality.

I haven't continued work on the mod apart from keeping notes since I got a job in late February, but this month (July) I'm on hiatus and have some time. I only have enough time for a small patch which can be expected before I get back to my job in early August if things go smoothly. The primary reason for this patch is to fix problems some people have reported with the iron sights, this patch will definitely not be released until I get that fixed. I'll need to figure out how I'll continue the mod while working my job without getting tired of working on stuff all the time, but that's another story for another time.

The patch will be called Release 2 Patch 1, or r2p1 for short as displayed in the game menu. It will mainly fix some reported bugs, but if I get the bugs fixed and still have time I may include some other things from my massive to-do list. There is no guarantee that all the planned fixes will be completed, sometimes a bug is tougher to fix than expected as I've encountered on several occasions. I'm hoping to make the patch cross-compatible with the core release, that is to say a patched client can play on an unpatched server and vice versa. All patches will be full patches; for example, you won't need patch 1 installed to install patch 2.

Here are the top objectives of the patch:

  1. Fix a few problems some people have with iron sights lagging or not aligning [lag supposedly fixed, aligning bug not fixed]
  2. Remove crosshairs for Pak40 and Ju88A [done!]
  3. Replace old logo with new logo [done!]

Update 2009-08-18: Alright, I've started my job so I didn't meet my hoped goal, but I've gotta finish what I started before it gets too stale. What I need is people with any iron sight problems to help test. One person contacted me a couple months ago about the lag problem and helped find a solution, but I haven't seen him since and I want to make sure it's fixed before releasing the patch. Another who has the alignment problem comes around occasionally but rarely at times convenient for both of us to work on it.
Please contact me if you're experiencing the bugs and want to help out, or even if you don't have problems and want to help, I could use all the assistance and encouragement I can get. My contact information can be found in the WWII Reality documentation.

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