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It's been a month so a little update on what is going on is needed I guess! :)

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Well, time for a small update. It has been almost a month since I opened a ModDB page and I can't say I'm disappointed with the audience so far. Everyone seems to be interested and some are already helping me with models, light problems etc...

Envy the Dead - 1st Outdoor Area (Beta)

Today I finished the 3rd map which is actually my first real outdoor area. It is still beta but the general picture is pretty much what you can see at the video and some screenshots I uploaded. This map took me some time because of the amount of things that I have to convert or find from Penumbra, Unbirth or other games. What's new and different: a car, street lamp poles + lamps, road + sidewalk, custom trees etc... The map may be small but uniquely built.

Envy the Dead - 1st Outdoor Area (Beta)

Also, from now on I think that the progress will be slower, a lot slower and so patience is needed from everyone. The project will be boosted a lot at June until Q4 2012 which I hope to release it, one year after the legendary and similar White Night mod from Tanshaydar.

Envy the Dead - 1st Outdoor Area (Beta)

Important: Well, I know that I am a little-bit late but in 2-3 days the custom story frictional games competition will end. The video as well the pictures that I uploaded today is my way to show you what I'm capable of while at the same time I kindly ask for your vote since the times when I feel tired of all this are multiplying. To vote EtD or whatever else you like click here. A little recognition always gives hope!

Envy the Dead - 1st Outdoor Area (Beta)

That's it for now! Thank you all for your comments and support! :):)

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