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The first official Alpha release / preview for Illuminascii, for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Very happy to announce the first official alpha release for Illuminascii, for Windows, Mac and it's first release for Linux, available now.

Useful exerpts from the readme:


W,S,A,D - Movement
Space - Jump
Mouse 1 - Fire
Mouse 2 - Pick up / Use (Make sure you position your reticle over the item
you wish to interact with!)
tab - view gun stats
1 - Select slot 1
2 - Select slot 2
3 - Select slot 3
tab - View weapon stats
v - drop current weapon
q - Kick
r - Reload
i - Open Inventory
p - Pause Game
esc - Quit Game
Mouse 2(on a door) - Open door
e (on a door) - Unlock door

(In the Inventory)
i or esc - Exit Inventory
e - Use Inventory Item
d - Delete Inventory Item
s or
down arrow - Move Inventory selection down (no up movement yet, sorry!!)

if the mouse appears to become "locked", press F1


Kill monsters to gain upgraded weapons, ammo, cash, health and food. Ammo and cash is automatically added to your ammo pool and purse respectively, everything else
is accessible via the inventory screen. Right click to open "Chests" (chests are the yellow cubes on the ground).
Find the helicopter and Walk into the Big Green area to enter the next level.

Open doors with right click, unlock doors with e

You can hold a maximum of ten items.

Your ammo counter looks a little like this "Ammo 9/25" - The first number is the remaining bullets in the clip.
The second is your overall ammo pool.

You can reload your gun at any time! Reloading your gun WILL DUMP ANY REMAINING BULLETS IN THE MAG. This is an intended feature.
Guns have their stats generated randomly. It is possible to get a gun with a magazine of 1 bullet..
Some guns are better than others! Sometimes their stats will seem unrealistic. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

You can kick more things than just enemies...


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