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Hello everyone, for this moment CoD are dead. Why ? My PC has broken (CPU without pin), he's stucking at booting bios (black screen 4 ever). I'm now sitting on laptop (crap). Specifications of this laptop is:
Intel Pentium Dual Core 1,86GHz
2GB RAM and...!
Intel X3100 (fucking crap)
But, i not cancel the working at this mod. I will release images from models and maps in-game. For owners PSP, game will be release on this portable console later with very low graphic. I will buy CPU at June. I'm now doing only maps (on this laptop HL2 on low got 15-30 fps). At Monday i will release first screen from game. What weapons we will see ?
- SPAS-12
- Pipe
- MP5
- Grenade
- Glock 17
- Beretta M9
- M2 Flamethrower
- RPG-7
- M4 Carabine
- Combat Knife
- Saw
- Molotov Coctail
- Sawed-off Shotgun
- Pump Shotgun
- .357 Magnum
- M21
- Beretta 50. cal
- M60
What about Multiplayer ? Multiplayer will release later from Single. Why ? Because I wanna create awesome MP. In Multiplayer we will see
- Deathmatch - 32 players (all humans)
- Team Deathmatch - 32 players (all humans)
- Capture the Flag - 32 players (all humans)
- Versus (Survivors vs Mutants) - 16 humans vs 16 mutants
- Escape (your team must escape from labs, all of mutants are bots) - 4-8 humans vs 24-28 mutants
- Escape Versus (squad must too escape from labs, mutants are played by other players) - 4-8 humans vs 24-28 mutants
- Co-Op (special campaign, like this in SinglePlayer for your team) - 1-8 humans
Here i'm ending today news. So... i going back to work ;) If u have any questions add me at Steam, my steam id is carmageddon47

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