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(Finally) Added the Map to Moddb. News about the new Rune System (check Images)

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I just released version 1.10 with a new system and some improvements on bugs and other systems

So, whats new?

- The Rune System -

This System is accessably only in Mayhem and Nightmare Difficulty, but I might change that soon.
It allows you to add Runes to Items, like in Diablo 2
These Runes give you (for now) just simple bonuses, but i will add Runewords later, that give additional bonuses to your hero. A runeword is basically a fixed order of Runes like Luv - Gor - Ram
However, the system has some limitations i show here shortly

Basically it only adds abilitys for every slot.
When you have several items and put the same rune in their first slot, it will not stack (you only have the effect once)

Item 1: Gor - Luv - Gor
Item 2: Gor - Gor - Luv
Item 3: Gor - Ram

The RED runes are useless, because you already have them in Item 1, but all GREEN runes give the desired effect

What you need to remember is: Runes stack horizontally, not vertically ;)

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