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Metropixel indiedb page now up and running. This is the first news update so just kind of an introductory post and whats to come etc.. so yea a small first news update.

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First news post hooray!

METROPIXEL is a future noir game that is kinda 8 bit looking but its not quite 8 bit.. but.. the retro feel of the art is there... As I go with the current trend.. er.. the game is inspired heavily by Blade Runner/Metropolis etc... and it is a bit cyberpunk'ish..

Metropixel development stage is quite early but slowly but surely making progress. As of right now I am the only person developing it but will be searching for an additional programmer once more progress is made in different areas. The game will be released on pc and xbox indie marketplace when its done.

I wanted to make a game that is a bit simple as far as what the art style looks like which i think will help not only make development quicker/easier but also gives it a cool stylized feel that supports the game environment and story. As far as the game play its basically a sidescroller platformer with elements of shooting/jumping/detective work/with upgrades for weapons and upgrades for stuff like jumping farther & running faster. There will be some jokes mixed in spoofing various movies etc..

I will be adding some art periodically as well as saving some stuff for these news updates. I am hoping at least some people will be eventually interested in Metropixel since as of now.. not one person tracking =(.. but kinda understandable since as of now its not looking all that impressive but over time I hope that will change. I am basically trying to make a game that is not too ambitious but not too simple either since that seems to be a major cause for either a game not being developed or a game that is so simple nobody cares about it.

So thats the first news update!

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