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Our first time here, so time for the introductions.

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Hello, so glad you could join us today! We are Gumpanela Entertainment, and we're excited to be here. As an independent game development company, it is our privilege and joy to be here on ModDB, alongside other more popular and successful mods and games.

But that's not why you're here. You're more interested in what this "Refusion" game is, and why you should wait anxiously for its release. Put simply, Refusion is doing what few have attempted: combining Real-Time Strategy (RTS) with First Person Shooter (FPS.) The game will pit two RTS players, or "Masters" against one another, coordinating with up to 100 "Fighters" down below to lead assaults, pilot vehicles and many other exciting tasks.

I won't give away too many of the details just yet, but I can say that the game is nearing completion at a reliable pace; what we're missing is an avid fanbase willing to spread the word! Tell your friends, geek it up with your fellow gamers, and get the word out: gaming is changing forever!

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