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A short post on the beginnings of our development, our aspirations for the project, and what progress we have so far.

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Hello everyone! This is Nick (nixtwiz) from MostWanted Game Development (MWGD) here to give you some insight on our current project.After months of projects either not on mobile or not yet to be (game jams, prototypes, and edutainment software) we are getting ourselves back up to speed and back into our work routine with this title, Exiled. Our Minimum Viable Product for the game was a more challenging Mario with swords, which so far is quite fun and we are slowly adding more and more features to the game.

  • The visuals are nothing special YET but we have high hopes for the finished art style of the game. The game will feature 10 levels for free for you to try the game and decide if it's worth $.99 or not. Then, for $.99 you will get the rest of the game, around 25 levels (subject to change, but not less than 20). So basically you get 1/3 to 1/4 of the game free. Pretty good right? This game is meant to be very challenging.
  • You will have to time your movement perfectly and plan out your approaches and not fall into holes/traps or run into/land on enemies.
  • We are currently in the process of getting player movement and control tightened up. Art is also in the process of being redone due to technical problems as well as a slight change in direction.

That's it for now! We are currently in the process of deciding the music direction of the game, so our next update may include some sample tracks, just maybe ;)

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