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The first news piece on Moddb. This is just the story and the current modding team.

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Welcome to Mass Effect: Galaxy at War. This mod will bring the Mass Effect galaxy into an RTS style game using Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. It will allow you to control many classic Mass Effet units as well as some new ones at the same time! It will allow you to move an entire fleet around the Milky Way, not just one ship. Finally, witness those massive space battles first hand and make the commands that will lead your faction to total domination of the Milky Way.

Its five years after the Sovereign incident relations with the council have improved; as a result the humans landed a seat on the council. Due to the council’s propaganda, the Geth are seen by almost everyone as the enemy. The council assaults the Geth wherever they find them. As a result of this the Geth are pushed back to the persious veil where they came from. In this time the collectors have started an all-out war with the races of the council. They are abducting humans wherever they conquer a planet, and destroying ships and stations in space. The Geth DO NOT LIKE these new creatures and decide that they are hostiles and must be cleansed by the purity of their ship based plasma weaponry. Since the Geth lack numbers they prefer to stay back and defend their planets&mass relays while upgrading their technology. When the collectors make a few failed attempts to conquer Noveria, they break through the defenders and are mere minutes away from it when a huge ship appears. From its design the horror-stricken defenders (what remain) can tell its Geth.

The systems alliance lost contact with Noveria, and its surrounding systems for about a week. When they sent a scout to find out what the he** happened there. One admiral said if we lost there should have been some broadcast by one of the marines. Such as "they broke through our last line we're finished!" Or "We've lost to many ships the battle is lost!" When the scout ship arrived there was nothing there, but debris from ships. No enemy. Just silence. On board the ship they tried hailing Port Hanshan but nothing. Only static. One of the people trying to contact them turned around in his seat and said "Sir we can't seem to hail the Port. It's like they just vanished. But when the operator turned to the caption he saw the captains face in a mask of pure horror. As the operator turned back towards the planet he saw a little glimmer of light on the top right side of the planet. As it turned into view he knew why the captain was stunned. Holy Sh**! What they saw was a massive orange circle where the port should have been. It was still smoldering. The XEROTECH had made its first move.

The races of the Milky Way Galaxy are advancing, each one trying to wipe each other out. The galaxy is the battleground, the soldiers, ships, and planets are nothing but pawns in an invisible game of chess. The only question anyone would ask is which one will win? Will it be the AUS (Alliance of Unified Species with their numbers, the enigmatic Collectors with their superior strategies, or will it be the Geth, with their advanced and mysterious technology? Only time will tell, but before you go out and join one of them, just remember there’s no turning back.

Current modding team

--TJGuy - Mod founder, XML editor, modeller.
--Darthme - Modeller, Mapper.
--Modz - Beta Tester, Alo modeller, XML editor.
--JAS - Mapper, XML editor.
--Disayle - Concept artist.
--MEA GETH CMDR - Beta Tester, Information advisor.

If you would like to join this mod, please don't hesitate to ask, just visit the forum on our website.

Thanks, TJGuy.

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