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Check out how much progress the project made in it's first month

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It's hard to measure progress in initial stages of a project. There is a lot of discussing, trial and error, brainstorming, scripting prototypes that can't really be seen by other people. Still, I can say that we made A LOT of progress, specially considering we all have our works, girlfriends, one of us has a newborn son and so forth.

We are really excited about completing all the modeling work by the end of the month and get some UDK levels done.

We want people to be able to follow all the development stages, so for certain characters we'll post the initial sketch, the digital concept art, raw model and finally the complete char rigged, skinned and animated.

So here's some of the new stuff we've been working on (check our gallery for more stuff - we're updating it at least once a week):

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