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Announcing core details for our upcoming mode including: engine pick, single or multiplayer, and story style.

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The mod will be for UT3. The reason UT3 was picked was due to the style of the lighting engine and we believe that this is what we want to bring our mod's atmosphere to life.

The genre for the mod is yet to be determined, but will run along a psychological path.

The first final version of this mod WILL NOT be multiplayer. Singleplayer is our priority at the moment. We MIGHT release a multiplayer port if the community asks for it. We are currently at the stage of forming the story. The way in which it will play out is already determined, but the actual meat is not. No storyline details will be given at any point in time. We may release some playable material at some point, but nothing major until final release.
Grotesque currently only consists of myself. I use the "we" and "us" words for future reference. As much as I would love the experience of building an entire mod from scratch, I would love help more. If you are interested, PM me(Sepnova).

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