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This new HL2 ep2 sp-mod will have a story driven twist in it, that makes that it can be played twice while the experience is completely different.

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My last sp-mod called Final Project Diary (FPD) was by some not to well received. The most heart comment was that it didn't had a real story, what made that it was more a sp-mappack instead of a sp-mod.
And i have to agree with that, FPD was at first a story driven mod, but the infamous Steam update did destroy a lot of it. And i didn't had the strength anymore to fix it all, and therefore it was released as a rather strange mappack. Some of you maybe do know that i have made 3 mods before FPD that where received very well, (Coastline to Atmosphere, Strider Mountain and Leon sp-mappack) but people do remember you from you're last work and i don't want to get remembered by FPD while i can produce much better mods (when i may say so myself).
I have listened, like always, very well to all comments and came up with this new sp-mod. I have waited with this first media release till i had something to show you, and now that time has come. Please check the 10 screens and 1 first teaser movie to open with. In the next couple of weeks i will show much more because much is already done. Please check 'summery' to read more a about how the story unfolds in this new mod. As always do i like to talk about a probable release date of this mod, but history has proven that it is not wise to talk about such a date when you can't be sure yet. Still, i can say that it will not take months before this mod is done.
Hopefully will this new mod be as popular as my previous mods before FPD.


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