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First licks on Remodulate. Just some ideas being spread around and such...

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Although I don't have any real materials up right now, I'm currently learning some scripting to get things going. I'm stopping MY mapping, (my other mate isn't) for a bit to learn it. Well actually, I'm not really stopping it as much as not doing it as much. All I really want to do is get the innate ability menu going, then ill go back to mapping.

I'm going to be enlisting one of my clan mates for Modeling. This is a big job, and we will need more then just a three man team. If you have any contributions, regardless if you're on the team or not, please feel free to post them.

Just because we are the team doesn't mean you aren't able to help.

I also have the first town up and going, I'll post up pictures after my exams and such are over, so I have time to touch it up.

Hobey ho,
Soviet Hiro Nakamura

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