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Details on the first level of the mod and the pretty drastic change I made with it compared to my original, less creative idea.

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What up to all. As I was just taking a shower, I began to think quite a bit about my mod and how and where it should begin. Originally I was going to have Nigel break out of the notorious Nova Prospekt, but then I remembered how the mod Riot Act was entirely set there, so I decided that the game will still start with a prison break, except this time it'll be another terrifying Russian/Combine prison known as Svoboda Gorizont.
It's design will be nothing like Nova Prospekt, but just as scary. I plan on making it a facility far more centered on Stalker creation than Nova Prospekt, which, in case you forgot, was more centered on imprisoning various citizens, particularly the smarter ones, in pods to use for their mental capabilities (at least that's what it seemed like considering how Eli was kept there and i doubt that the Combine would waste him by turning him into a Stalker).
Svoboda Gorizont will also be less high-tech than Nova Prospekt, which was mainly active in the Combine Architecture-infested depot region, and will instead be more active in the actual original prison region. This will make for a hopefully scarier atmosphere where more crude methods of surgery and captivity that are necessary for Stalker creation will be implemented upon the prison's unfortunate captives. I know this sounds quite grim, but I'm intending for the prison to be based quite a bit off of a Nazi Concentration camp, only with the Combine running it instead. I'll also base the architecture off of references from concentration camps in order to make it far more disturbing and also more grounded in real-life by being both architecturally and historically accurate.
The prison will be divided into two distinct regions, one being the newer, larger Combine-run region, and the other being the older, smaller abandoned region. The Combine-run region will feature Combine propaganda all over the place, Combine technology, and, of-course, a lot of Combine. The other region, which was abandoned by the Combine due to being too old and jacked up for proper renovation to occur to fix it up, will feature far less, if any Combine. It will instead be much more like a relic of the horrific past of the camp with genuine Stalin-era propaganda and with any ruins of items in the area left undisturbed by the Combine. It will also feature other uninvited 'guests' that have taken shelter in the region without the Combine's knowledge...
I hope that this clear division between the two regions of the prison will prove for some varied and interesting gameplay during the first level of my mod.

Does anyone even read this? If so please leave a comment...

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