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A Small update regarding releases, ingame screenshots and more...

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As you all know Aftermath for star trek bridge commander is progressing at a massive rate, getting new ships ingame as the days goes by pushing closer and closer to a release date.

In order to keep the flow going we have decided that we will release out first main package soon, this package will contain ships for All races for the TNG era, for those that dont know that "The next Generation" These ships will be balanced accordingly and will function very well against eachother. This used to be a big problemm in the BC community since allot of the ships out there arent very balanced to eachother. This problem has thus been solved.

After this main release we are planning to move to smaller release packages that are based upon a certain theme, this can be race specific but also era specific. What you can also expect to see is event specific packages say a "wolf 359 package" the reason we are going for small releases is to keep the flow going and not let the public wait for months and months at a time for something gets done, wich is the main problem with large mods out there.

On a side note a set of ingame screenshots have been posted in the gallery as the following days progress expect to see more screenshots and maybe even a video or two.

Max Loef - BC Aftermath Co-Leader

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