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Basic informations about mod (units, weapons etc).

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OG Battlefront 1 have a bit limited possiblities which seems pretty good and easy to mod.

1. Unit info -I'll keep 5 infantries per side
REP side
-Clone Trooper
-Clone Assault
-Clone Engineer/Pilot/AT-RT Driver
-Clone Sniper
-Clone Commander

CIS side
-B1 Battle Droid
-B2 Super Battle Droid
-OOM Pilot Droid/B1 Engineer
-B2 Droid Sniper

ALL side
-Rebel/Militia Soldier
-Rebel/Militia Vanguard
-Rebel Pilot/Militia Grenadier
-Rebel/Twi'lek/Rodian/Militia Sniper
-Rebel/Militia Officer

IMP side
-Stormtroooper Assault/Nova/Sand/Snow
-Imperial Field Medic/AT-AT/AT-ST Pilot/Tie pilot
-Stormtrooper Sniper/Nova/Sand/Scout Trooper
-Stormtrooper/Nova/Sand/Snow/AT-AT Commander/Officer

Variety of units will depend of map, maps with ships will have pilot class. Clone legions too (501st, 212th, 41st, Coruscant Guard, Commander Keller's squad, 91st, 187th)
Hero units
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-Anakin Skywalker
-Mace Windu
-Ki Adi Mundi
-Shaak Ti

-Maul (TCW season4)
-General Grievous
-Pre Vizsla

-Boba Fett
-Darth Vader
-Admiral Thrawn
-Moff Tarkin
-General Veers

-Han Solo
-Kyle Katarn
-Mara Jade

I don't have in plans to make any custom maps or compatible.

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