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Supreme Nations is a complex RTS which requires you to excel in both economical, political and military decision making to survive. In development for over a year, I now want to share my very first gameplay video showcasing the basic functionality of the game; camera movement, basic build commands, movement, destruction and resource handling.

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I love RTS games like C&C and Empire Earth, I love management-games like Civilization and Railroad tycoon 2, and I love decision-making political games like Europa Universalis. About a year ago, growing tired of all the "spam units forever" RTSes, and not satisfied with the depth of other RTSes like CoH2, I came to the conclusion that I must try and combine all the best elements from said genres and create something that requires more thought and strategy to win, rather than the amount of key presses one can accomplish in a minute.

And so this project was born. It's been a very bumpy road, since my programming skills were very limited at the start. But now, a year later, I have a "somewhat" working game, with most of the "dirty work" done. There is still very much work to be done though, and this video is just a first development video showing the functionality of the basic functions in the game.


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