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Our first level, Tutoria, has been concluded and fully whiteboxed.

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After only two weeks in development Page 52 has our first whole world designed and prepped for final art. With only a week or so of testing to start the level art is ready to be done. Pieces that could be moved and tweaked have been done modularly so the art will will fit within the boundaries of the level.

Our first world of Tutoria features three levels, the first of which being transition from a small town to a meadow where our protagonist has to meet his girlfriend Paige for a date. He first picks up a fancy hat (which the player draws on him) at the local hat store on the edge of town and then heads into the park to find Paige. The first level just introduces the player to the simple platforming mechanics as the player has to leap over dumpsters and holes in the ground, while also scaling trees and buildings.

The second level is our protagonist finding himself in a construction site in the park that he has to navigate his way through and get to the other side where he assumes he'll find Paige. We introduce the player to the use of the double jump here, as players can walk off of a ledge and then use the double jump mid-fall to get to the other side of a wall from underneath it.

Finally, the player is introduced to combat as he comes to a meadow set on fire by pillaging monsters and warriors. Having to fight his way through (using his weapons the player has to draw) Cole finds Paige as she is ripped out of the notebook.

More screenshots and in-game videos incoming in the next few days.

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