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6 months of intense production - 15 coworkers - creativity and hard work was needed to make it happen! Hope you enjoy our little X-Mas present. Download the Single- and Multi- player.

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RALIN - Dwarf Wars - Launch of the first free alpha demo


We are very proud to tell you that the first alpha demo of Ralin - Dwarf Wars is finally out!
You can support us by buying an early adopter version. It is like backing something on Kickstarter.
Just follow this link:

Singlepayer(Windows only)

Ralin Singleplayer Alpha 001

Welcome to our Dwarf universe. You are about to enter in the middle of war : Dwarfs vs Goblins. We need YOU to represent our hero Dwarf called Ralin. Hack and slay the wicked thieves who nastily sneak into the dwarf´s halls. They are trying to steal precious treasures of gold and diamonds! With hard work, the dwarf clan is following his tradition. Mining gold and silver day after day.They do not appreciate the Goblin intrusion!

The Alpha 001 - Indie DB

Update: Video of the fixed version with optimized: AI, Pathfinding, Animations, Sounds and Movements.

Ralin Singleplayer Alpha 001_2 - Indie DB


The venue of the game is an underground village.

Caves, smoothly lightened with the warm orange colour of the fire torches. The environment has been conceived with love to details. A warm green is the dominating color of the dwarf caves. The Graphical style is realistic. No brutal spladder is integrated in game, which makes it playable without age limit. Till now we have no hard core or casual degrees, we will program this depending on the gamers feedback.


RPG with Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Co-Op modus

Ralin - Dwarf Wars is a Roleplaying game. Right now the downloaded version is a Singleplayer and a Multiplayer as separated software. In a few days we will release an updated version including the Multiplayer modus in the main game. You can also download a free server software. No need to go online to play, just install the server on a linux machine and start playing with your friends. The server software is open source. We will go public with this software on github.

Multyplayer screen

How to play:

Click Connect to enter our server(Or enter the IP for your server)
Press F1 to let the server now that you are ready.
If you are playing with friends, wait till everyone is connected.
Click on the ground to move.
Right click to attack an enemy.
Select special attack with 1, 2 ,3
Left click for special attack.

(Our Server is not online every day. We are testing and benchmarking the AWS solutions at the moment. The server is not fast enough at the moment. Just download the server software)

Multiplayer Client(Windows only)

Ralin Multiplayer Alpha 001

Server software(Linux 64 bit)

Ralin Linux 64 Server

Next steps in production:

Optimizing the animation system.
Implementing the Sound system.
A spell system with cooldowns and tooltips.
A leveling system for single- and multi- player. Level Cap: 10.
A loot system with different loot tables.
A crafting System is planned for the upcoming versions.
Integrating the multiplayer into the main game.

We are listening to you guys and girls

Please share your thoughts about yes or no you would be interested in a PVP modus in our IndieDB Forum. Or better, just leave us some feedback on everything what you saw. Explain your needs and we will listen...


Im going to try it out in a bit with some friends hope it has controller support :D

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Ogardonix Author

We are working on the controller support. Normally you can use your controller in the version: alpha 002. Also there will be a better server for the multiplayer part.

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Is their a Mac version or one planning to be released for the hipsters of this world?

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Ogardonix Author

Yes, there will be a Mac version. We are testing it right now.

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thanks for answering i'm really hyped for a good multi/solo/co-op rpg that doesn't suck :D do you have unique mechanics planned or interactions?

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Ogardonix Author

We are planning to involve the community in the development decisions. We have a strong vision of making games and we want to make them for gamers. But yes, we have a few nice ideas for unique mechanics and cool interactions. In this alpha and the upcoming alphas, we want to fix first all the small an major issues with animations, sounds, movements and AI.

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WOW! You actually know, what you are doing! Nice art-direction, superb GUI, those blue and red meters turned out really good. You lucky to have such a good animator, 3D modelers and possibly concept artist.

If you continue along this path - it looks like only success awaits you in the end. Congratulations for this great work!

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Ogardonix Author

Thank you very much for this kind words.

We are finishing just now a bugfixed version with all the sounds like footsteps and attack sounds. We rewrote the attack and AI code. And for the rest of the day we will develop the leveling-system.

Hope that you will enjoy the next release too.

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Ogardonix Author

New Video in this News with the last version. Enjoy it.

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