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Our first progress report, this post gives a brief idea of what we've done, what's left to do and our call for help.

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Hello all you Ronin out there!

I just wanted to give any who browse this page a small does of progress.

Right now, the team is well underway on making our first release. Alot of progress has been made on the new campaign map and almost all the clans, locations and NPC's have been properly renamed.
Indeed, all that truely remains for us to do before our first release is detail work on our campaign map, location placement on it, equipment changes to all ingame NPC's, the last of the initial text changes and addition to a few new peices of equipment.

With that said, the first release is mainly so we have something out there for people to critique on and have fun with. It will be far from perfect but from the first release on, it will only get better :)

I'll make sure to post any new developments and images of anything worth looking at to keep any fans satisfied.

As a final note, we could always use some extra talent, at the moment, we just primarily want some 3d moddlers and texturers, so if you have the skills, drop us a line and we'll take it from there.

- InquisitorFelix

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