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first development diary of the protect battlestar geminis

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febero 18 2016, start of the project.

May 20 2016, Both the music and the sounds were modified.

May 29 2017, modification in 3D models:

download 3D models based on battlestar galactica: ready !.

revision of the 3D models: this I do to verify that the 3D model is consistent with the characteristics of the real ships of the battlestar galactica series, or at least it does not have much difference, I also check if they have unnecessary parts, such as; internal parts, or some diminutive thing that will not be seen in the gameplay I must remove them.

correction: after identifying any irregularity in a 3D model desido if using another 3D model or modify it, I did not find muchs 3D models in BSG sketchup (battle star galactica) in fact there is a ship that only had a 3D model, others had 3 or 2 , when at most 4 3D models, so I chose the ones that looked better and were more chords, so I just have to edit them.

Correction of scale, position and orientation: in this case I have to put the 3D model in the center, and orient them according to the game, so you do not see back or caveza, in addition to the scale correction, it is to place the size they should have, so they do not look too big or too small if not fair, the good thing is that I only have to take a ship reference, (the player and allies), which already probe in the game if you see to good size, and from there I scale the others to a different provides according to what I saw in the series, since I'm not going to get to take precise caulculos, if it were a video game if I would, but as it is a mod I do not need much pressure, besides that I have the measures of the ship to get the calculations.

export for test: when I export I do not do everything at once, I do it one at a time, I could have them well positioned, oriented and at the correct scale, but nothing will be useful if some model causes a fall in the FPS, and for know that I have to put them one at a time, if it causes some fall in the FPS I have to go to the next step.

reedicion: the reedicion I do it to reduce the weight of the 3D model, remove unnecessary parts to avoid the fall of FPS and correct the texture of the 3D model so you see very osura and note that in the game the lighting is very low, so I have to increase the brightness of the textures of the 3D model.

with respect to the fall of the FPS that mecione, it is because depending on the complexity of the 3D model, polygon and all that, you know, increases the amount of things that must process and that causes a fall in the FPS in the gameplay .

The game requires a PC more or less good to run at 60FPS that the creator recommends, on my laptop runs at an average of 25 and 30, that's good, in a way, because it allows me to realize if the fps fall and so I can determine whether to re-edit the 3D model or not, and with every unnecessary polygon that I eliminate I redraw the information that is processed and thus I keep the FPS as high as possible, since a drop in the FPS makes the effects of speeches look As if they happened twice, I did not understand it, checking the scrip file of the speeches I realized that I can correct this, editing it a bit, but it depends on many of the FPS, I made a correction that makes 30 FPS look good, 60 I do not think there are any problems, but I think that the fact that the animation of the repeat is due to the fact that since they are generated from images and not particles, they are not synchronized with the global FPS of the game, that is the only explanation that and it happens, I'm not sure, if someone has any idea why that happens in a video game that you please comment.

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