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Try out our first sop3000 demo! Experience a frantic dogfight on the dedicated skirmish level.

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Dear all

this is a first demo of sop3000 game. It took some time to get it done, but I think it was worth it (I still like to play it myself after all that development and debugging).
I hope you'll like it as well and will help me to improve the game by providing your valuable feedback.

Here is the link to the web player version (needs Unity plugin):

or you can download the standalone build here:

sop3000 dogfight demo 0.1.0

Please visit our web site at

Thank you!

The demo level

There is a big enemy base in the middle of the map which you have to attack and destroy.
The base is guarded by several gun platforms around it.
Up to ten fighters can be spawned by the base to defend itself.

You'll pilot a fighter aircraft which is a part of your carrier defense group.
Your primary task is to help your team to demolish the enemy base.
You will have to keep your carrier alive and protect it from enemy attacks.


W, S Accelerate / Brake
A, D Roll / Strafe
Left Mouse Button Fire guns
1..4 or Mouse Wheel Change weapons
ESC or P Pause menu.

Quick facts

  • All destructible objects in the game (fighters, turrets, buildings) will slowly regenerate health once they stop taking damage.
  • Destroyed defense turret will be rebuilt (after some delay) if the structure they are protecting is still alive.
  • Destroyed fighter will be re-spawned (after some delay) if its spawner (base or carrier) is still alive.
  • The force field is impenetrable.
  • The only way to destroy an enemy base or gun platform is to shut down the force field surrounding it and destroy all inner structures.
  • To shut down the force field you'll need to destroy all automatic defense turrets on the base or gun platform.

Tips & tricks

  • Use Roll keys (A, D) to dodge the enemy fire.
  • Use Brake key (S) while turning to make tighter turns.
  • Adjust the "Aim Assist" option if it’s too difficult to hit the target.
  • Keep an eye on yours and enemy’s resource bars.
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