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On the first weekend of april we went to Insomnia54 (which we write about later) so we decided to launch our Steam Greenlight campaign at the same time. None of us had any experience with the Greenlight before so we didn’t really know what to expect.

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We posted our Greenlight link to every possible social media and forum we could think of and we spread the word of us being in Greenlight at the Insomnia event.

During the first 3 days, we got about 500 “yes” votes and we were very satisfied. After the Greenlight launch weekend, the amount of votes per day dropped and now we have been looking for ways to get more votes again. We are currently 32% of the way to top 100 in Steam greenlight and are feeling optimistic.What we found interesting in the statistics, was that in the average top 50 games in Greenlight, the majority of votes are actually “no” votes. So we are actually doing decently if compared to top 50 games. If we manage to come up with good ways to get more people voting, we think we will have a pretty good chance getting greenlit.

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