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Okay, here the list of my DYOM's pack ( some is WIP )

1. Rebel Revenge ( 14 % Completed ) ( Total 6 Mission )

I. Rebels! ( Completed )
Rebel Forces launch a surprise attack to US Army Supply Base.

Weapon controled:

* FIM-92 STINGER ( Heat-Seeking )
* M4 Assault Riflle ( M4 )

II. War Elephant ( WIP )
The serghant of Supply Convoy is ambushed and need reinforcement at the Park. A tank codenamed "War Elephant" send to help them.

Weapon and vehicle controled:
* M1 Abrams ( Rhino )
* MP5 ( SMG )

III. Recon ( WIP )
You controled a civilan car to recon the Rebel base.

Vehicle and weapon controled:
* Civilan Car
* Silenced 9mm

IV. Prepare to Attacking ( WIP )
Support the Assault Team to gain control the Rebel Outer Perimeter.

Vehicle and weapon controled:
* Sniper Rifle
* Desert Eagle

V. Prepare to Attacking 2 ( WIP )
Breach the Second Rebel Perimeter.

Weapon controled:
* M4 Assault Rifle
* 9mm Pistol

VI. The Heart ( WIP )
Capture the Rebel Main Base.

Weapon controled:
* M4 Assault Rifle
* Desert Eagle
* AK-47 ( After the explosion )

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