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After a long work on creating landscape, it’s time to make some motions for the main player.

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tw character anim01

Last updates :

  • Adding drivable car
  • Adding drivable helicopter
  • Creating and texturing the main island (level 1 in the game)
  • Adding some trees, bushes, rocks, flowers…
  • Adding buildings, houses, train stations (draft meshes)
  • Editing player controls (more and more simple for kids)
  • Editing camera system (still have some bugs)
  • Optimizing FPS (Actually : near 60 fps)

Next updates :

  • Animations for the player (walk, jump…)
  • Testing another control system for the helicopter

Things to do :

  • Clouds
  • Mini-Maps
  • Treasure chests system (win XP)
  • Easy quest system / NPC
  • And more

Good report. For suggestions I can trough a optimization trick : set lights if you use to occlusion, sperate with 'p' key in edit mode terrain selected part's-> add mesh beyond camera and give it occlusion physics-> parent that box(in my set up I make box carved and fit there camera) to camera. I don't guaranty that animations will render beyond viewport back. ;) Have just seen one YouTube r digging BlenderArtist and he found add-on Game Engine Publishing (GEP) it's for multy platform publishing from one PC. I hope you having fun waiting for cloudz : Track to 2d, particles emmiter, rotating parent group with LoD.....

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Wabby Author

Thank you very much for yours tips :-)

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Hey Wabby, I just happy to help for blender fellow. ;)

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