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Changes in description layout and recruitment details.

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A little bit more than 36 hour ago this page went live... already getting nostalgic...

So we are on good way to start truly working on this game, for now i have few locations done but it's almost impossible to reach our goal without the others.

Who is needed at most? I think mappers and 3d artist, we are using some weapon models from internet as placeholders but we are not going to use them forever. Also, to finish this mod before 2020 we would need at least one or two new mappers, it would be good if they would have at least 3-4 years of level deasign experience, and can build detailed world.

Resurgence Official In-game Screenshot Resurgence Official In-game Screenshot

But of course we'll be happy if you would like to join us as other specialist - 2d artists, voice actors (samples should be sent to, and anything different will be also great. We are not going to ignore any request.

Deadlines are not existent in our team - work only when you feel like you want to do so, don't force yourself, we have time so it's all cool. We can grant you pretty nice atmosphere of work, you may find it once you join us!

Also, if you think this mod might be great to play, we would appreciate if you could tell about this mod to your friends or whatever - just help us promote this game a bit. We are not expecting like 10000 watchers that will be loving this mod to death - we just want to get some players that will want to play our game.


We are currently working on Source 2007 engine, but if we gain enough watchers/subs (it's really important thing since we can know how much people are actually looking forward to play this) we might then move to Alien Swarm engine for even better graphics and mechanics.

For now it's all i wanted to say - i hope you will like this game, we put a lot of effort to bring epic experience to you for free. If not, then well, we are sorry 'bout taking your time.

To sign up for a job in our team please send Private Message to me, or mail me at

Also, i updated the layout of main page so it's not more clear and easier to read.

Have a nice day!

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