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A quick welcome for everyone, and some old information.

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Welcome everyone to the ModDB site for the Great Class Dash.

The game has been in development for quite awhile now (since last November). Luckily, I'm currently putting the final touches on it, and it should be out very soon... so keep checking back.

With that said, I don't have much to say at the moment, so I thought I'd post an older post I made on my portfolio site. I also did an interview which you can read here :


In December, the Interlopers website hosted a mapping contest with a Platformer theme. I took this as an opportunity to branch from level design into full out game design, and began work on a mini-game for Team Fortress 2. While searching for gameplay inspiration, I stumbled across the fantastic flash game Canabalt (Link). The game mechanic was very simple, in that the player only has a jump control. The Team Fortress platform provided a chance to expand this idea, with the nine easily identifiable classes. I created a template level where each class had their own specific obstacle. The result was frustratingly fun. I quickly polished off the first two stages in time for the contest deadline.

The subsequent feedback encouraged me to continue the project, and recently I finished the first build of the third stage.

The final game will have four stages, utilizing all nine classes.

Stage 1 - Canada

  • Scout - Double jump ability allows him to clear large gaps.

Stage 2 - Egypt

  • Heavy - The Heavy can break through walls.
  • Sniper - The Sniper (a notorious hunter) scares any animals in his way into hiding.

Stage 3 - Volcano

  • Pyro - The Pyro's suit protects him from steam as well as clouds of mosquitoes.
  • Spy - The Spy is able to slip past enemy sentry guns.
  • Medic - The player will encounter teammates requesting a heal.

One of the biggest problems in the game's creation is special abilities for each class. Valve has done a fantastic job of endowing each class with a unique identity, and for the most part I have tried to use abilities that fit. The Heavy's wall smashing ability, for example, was taken directly from the 'Meet the Spy' video, where he breaks down the door in the opening scene.

The challenges occur due to the reliance on the inability to work outside of any entities or scripting included with Team Fortress. For example, the Heavy's wall smash seems simple enough, and the original plan was to use a func_breakable as the wall prop. This quickly became problematic when I realized the func_breakable could not be reset without a full map reload. Any player who passed the breakable wall, then failed further on would return to a checkpoint, only to find the wall already broken. This problem was resolved by using a combination of a wall_toggle and a particle system which simulates the gibs. This solution was preferable to creating a cinematic physics model due to the ease in which the wall_toggle could be resized to fit any area needed, which would have required multiple models.


Very interesting idea, how will this work as a "mod" exactly? As far as I know, Valve doesn't support mods to appear in the steam games list except for Half Life 2 mods.

A video to see this in action would be a great way to attract more attention.

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Steaky Author

The game is a collection of maps that run out of TF2 (and not from the steam menu like hl2 mods)

Ill have a video up soon...

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An idea for the Engineer: You could add a Factory-styled stage where the engineer must build different machines based on the area he needs to get to i.e.(Already existing teleporter exit on top of a high area, so Engie must build and entrance to get the the high area). In order for him to build things though, like the original game, he must collect random junk metal placed around the stage. This could serve as the collectable coins in mario if you will.

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Steaky Author

I like this idea, however it doesn't quite fit with the gameplay. Its not really a puzzle game in anyway, but a side-scroller that tests your reflexes.

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Oh snap, did I wanna be the guy hit TF2?

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this sounds and looks alot like Trine to me
but sounds really interesting, would like to see a video soon :)

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Well if you need more ideas, there could be some points where you would be switched to another class, like the checkpoints. Or there could be a switch system like the spy's disguise kit.

And some ideas for class challenges:
Soldier - Rocket jumping of course
Demoman - Sticky jumps which are more length then height based.
Engineer - Could build machines to go up on heights while you build sentries to defend from incoming bots maybe?
Medic - He could heal friendly NPCs so they can push through a battlefield or have to heal certain key NPCs to open doors.
Sniper - Scaring away animals would require animal models and coding them, but shooting a switch from far away to lower a bridge? Totally his job IMO :)

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