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First Beta is out, you can download and test. Download -> copy the .vpk in addons folder (only for L4D2).

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Situation Panic Mod Ver 2.0 Beta

How to install!
Download the mod addons files(adfly):

extract the .vpk in the addons folder (only for L4D2, is not L4D1 compatible)
the .rar passw is :

You can start the mode via a new square button that says "Situation Panic Mod" as you can see in this youtube video:

The zombie in this mod are medium fast, the sound are scary and the new texture are nice, the damage hit is better, you can see zombies are living longer with spare parts of the body.
The tank is much stronger and the weapons are much more beautiful.
I also remember that this mod is almost 1-2 years old, because I'm focusing on creating a game.
If you have nothing to do on L4D2 (because is an old game now) I recommend you to try this free mod.
For delete this mod you need only to delete the addons (like a map or campaign).
Your friend can join in your multiplayer game if he also use this mod, but remeber (who host and who join the game need the mod).
This mod is much more harder than normal game, but only by completing all levels becomes increasingly difficult.
Remember this is not a total conversion, but there are big improvements(as you can see the size of the mod).

Translation by google (not full correct) for what changes the game in EN:

Cya and good game.

For third person use in the console this command: exec 3persona1 , exec 3persona2 or exec 3persona3 . Writing "firstperson" return to normal viewing.

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