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An old classic remade from scratch with a bunch of new features.

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Hi I'm the main developer of this project and I'm glad to present and share my project with you for the first time here in indiedb.

This is a fan remake created from scratch with reimagined graphics, new set of music and a lot of new features. It all started as a challenge to see if I can implement the game logic and has gone quite far since!

First prototype

One of the earliest prototypes.



  • Reimagined backgrounds and assets.
  • Enhanced resolution.
  • Animated backgrounds full of new flora and fauna.
  • For the first time natively playable on Arm and mobile devices
  • 3d engine and graphics.

Original backgrounds and themes are also available and you can switch to them from the options menu.

If you are interested you can contribute to the game (not only development),

The game is not completed. Beta testing and bug reports are very welcome. Be aware before reporting bugs that the following features are not developed yet:

  • Mouse control
  • Load / save function (all levels are unlocked at the current stage of development) <-- This is not anymore true, the load / save function is already implemented.

The game is being distributed through torrent so that the heavy assets do not impact the git server (currently more than 1gb). If you are a developer you can still download the source (which is anyway open from the torrent file).

I hope I catched your attention and I'm glad to receive feedback to improve it!

Thank you!

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