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General discussion of Mr. Mayor, as well as my plans for development.

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This is my first article for Mr. Mayor, a city-building game that I'm working on. Mr. Mayor is a 2D city building game that's inspired by some of the older SimCity titles for early Windows. Each city is different, with each terrain being randomly generated by Perlin Noise before the player starts to build, so each city is unique in its own way. Right now, the "game" is not alot in terms of playability, but I'm hoping that posting all this stuff to IndieDB will help inspire me to continue developing Mr. Mayor, as well as make beneficial improvements as time goes on.

So far, I have a small list of things I want to start adding to the game, some tasks bigger than others.

  • Population
  • Finances
  • Power networks/Power lines
  • Improved terrain generator
  • Basic city aspects (Police Stations, roads, apartments, etc)

Once I finish adding a new feature, I'll post screenshots about it or write an article about it here, as well as a general update or so about the game.


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