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The things that are done: - Login Server (95%) In progress: - Update client (around 50%) - Patch Server (around 30%)

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The things that are done:

- Login Server (95%)

In progress:

- Update client (around 50%)
- Patch Server (around 30%)

The design for libfar is completely set up at this point (so anybody could write a program that uses libfar and expect it to work when libfar is working). I'll provide not only a command-line tool but a graphical tool called FARDive that will let you view objects and media within the same window.

Afr0 has decided on an FTP library for C# so that a machine can be set up to distribute updates to the players. We are still deciding if it is better to keep the updates public to everyone (and able to be accessed at or only to (freely) registered players. The first case would make it more flexible for whoever wants the updates for the sake of wanting them, but the second case might decrease demand for bandwidth and keeps us a tiny bit farther away from EA. So you see, it's not about limiting you: it's about protecting you.

The rest of what we have done in the past 2 weeks really has more to do with planning than our physical achievements. We've decided on the compression scheme: rzip for compressing the game's data, png for compressing images, and xz for compressing updates. We have to leave the audio compression alone in most cases since it's already lossily compressed (and can't be losslessly compressed better), but in some other cases we can go with wavpack or Vorbis.

If I were to list more, I'd be rambling. You don't really care about exe vs. msi, or X11 license vs. public domain. But that's the way these two weeks have been.

More serious updates are on the way once libfar is completed.

(Original updates written by X-Fi6 and Afr0)
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