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"Long before the Reign of the dark lord sauron and the Great story of the Fellowship of the ring was the first age where many of the greatest legends of the world were made"

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In the war for arda there will be third age,second age and first age factions however to make it more balanced the faction will be depending on what map you play on.

These are the list of fractions

Angband(first age)/Mordor(second/third age) The Edain(first age)/Numenor(second age)/Gondor(third age)/Arnor(Third age) Rohan(third age) House of Feanor(first age)/Noldorin elves(second age)/High Elves(Third age) Wood Elves(second/Third age) Dwarves of Aule(First age)/Durins Folk(Second age)/Kingdom under the Mountain(Third Age) Isengard(Third age) Creatures of The Wild and The North(Third age) Angmar(Third age) The Valar(First Age)

That all for now however heres a wip model for now.

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