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Check out GIF with new Fire Tower and new Ember Guards Level.

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New Level

This time we are sharing with you our newest fire level. On this one you will face a new enemy - Imp. It always explodes at a random time, not reaching the end of the level, but exploding it heals nearby allies for a huge amount of health. It's still advised to kill it as soon as possible, so it will not heal enemies who are about to die.Looks like someone left some kind of puzzle here, wonder what treasure will be granted for those who can solve it.

Fire Tower
This level also features a new Fire Tower. This is the last possible upgrade for the Magic Tower and it produces a lot of explosions and fiery rays. If you would like to exchange some useful controlling abilities, like freezing your enemies, for a huge amount of damage - this tower would be the right choice. On top of that - it has ability to strike from the sky any target on the map.

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