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FIRE uses spells to deal huge damage and burn the enemy (DoT). Now we goona detail the fire spells.

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Previusly, we talk about the hero stats and how the "eter" is the magical reserve of the hero for casting spells. Spells are availible no matter witch play style you have choosen. Melee, ranged, swords, bows... You always have access to all spells. Note that if you spend skill points in magic talents and wear items that increases your intelligence and spell damage, your spells will be much more powerful than if you have taken the warrior path.

There are four element essence (FIRE, ICE, EARTH, ELECTRIC). Each one has four spells for the player to use when you have adquired te essence. The player can change the active element with a simple hotkey.

Spells can be offensive, defensive, or both. The play style with the FIRE element is much offensive than the ICE element. FIRE uses spells to deal huge damage and burn the enemy (DoT). Now we goona detail the fire spells.


This classic spell is the bread and butter on almost every RPG. Launch a fireball straight to the enemy's face that explodes on impact dealing area damage and burning the enemies for a few seconds. The explosion shockwave knockback enemies in the area radius, useful when you are surrounded.


This might sounds a defensive spell (for the shield part), but not. It creates a ring of fire around the hero that deals damage continusly to any enemy closer to the hero. And it gives you immunty to slow and frezze effects (okay, a little defensive spell).


When you think about the breath of a dragon, you can imagine a hot melting stream of fire going everywhere with incredible force. Well, here you have it, careful it's hot. When you cast this spell, releases a cone of flames that spreads, dealing damage and burns enemies, knocking back with grat force and have a chance that enemies affected will flee in fear.


What is more dangerous than a fiery fireball? Two fireballs. What is even more dangerous? Countless fireballs. Casting this spell will cause a rain of fireballs EVERYWHERE, but fear not, is YOUR spell. Poor enemies...

That all for today! Next chapter, ICE SPELLS and how to make ice cream from nothing.

Stay tuned!


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