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Fire in man v1.4.2(战火中的男人v1.4.2更新公布)

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As a result of the failure of the experiment, the world has been threatened by a variety of alien races, ethnic invasions, and human Military companies and terrorists who have robbed the earth of its remaining resources and lands. As survivors of the Black Hills base, the original workers were only able to follow the footsteps of the times and search for new machines in the desolate land. They had to risk looking for resources, survivors, and friendly groups to increase the existing strength of the black hills. In the face of objective resource problems, as well as a wide variety of enemies, alien creatures, transformed people, and ill intentioned people, what should they do? In the reality of despair, but also in the flames of war, maintain a glimmer of hope. In order to resources, living people, it is their only goal. They are the ones who burn themselves in the flames of war and raise their spirits - Fire, in, man

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