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Patience, Feature Creep, Speed Running plans and 2 more bosses complete.

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Soooo, it`s been 13...13 Days since I posted an update, an in that time I`ve managed to garner a whole 4 hours of coding time. Eurghh, very frustrating for me when I really want to be cracking on with this game I can assure you.

Still, I managed to get 4 hours in on Saturday which resulted in 2 new bosses being made and finished off, complete with some handy playtesting courtesy of @OhCarson. Follow him on twitter, because you should, that`s why!

The Game Endings have been storyboarded up, planned out some unlocks for fulfilling certain conditions, e.g. number of achieves, beating the game, etc.

Planning on adding a level timer for speed-running the game, on a per stage and per completed game basis. But I think that`s the extent of the scope fairly maxed out now, ohhh. except for one thing. iCade support!

But, after that I think that`s going to be it for the initial release. this retro shmup has turned out to be a large project for me to handle, I`m extremely lucky to have been in touch with amazing audio people in the form of AJ @ForteSounds, his audio work has really helped to bring the game out of itself, and I hope it does him proud as much as it does me :)

I`m hoping to Launch on October the 19th this year, I think I`m around 100 hours away before I can happily submit this game to app stores, etc. So I need this little ball of baby cuteness to sleep well in order to accomplish that!

I`m surprised it`s taken so long to get to this point, but then I only moonlight as a game dev. If I was doing this for 8 hours a day this game would have been done months ago. But, would it be the same game? Probably not. Whilst I often regret that it`s taking so long to get this game completed, the fact that I`m essentially a hobby game-dev gives me that one luxury of time to meander through the game design and I`m glad when I hear feedback regarding difficulty curves, etc working well. I still would like to bosh out a game a week / fortnight / month even. But with a tiny, awake baby on my lap most nights, it`s simply not possible for me to concentrate on the code.

Once her sleeping patterns down though, I may have a bit of a blitz over here ;P

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